Welcome to Be an Alien: Renewal.
Become one of many fully animated, custom alien creatures that look like snakes, birds, dinosaurs, and other weirder things. Explore, fight, build, and roleplay with other players as your custom character!

👽 Pre-Beta: HUGE new map and Nectall remodel!
This update is the first phase of beta, soon to be followed by massive stability improvements and new features. New players will be unable to earn the Alpha badge and unlock the Sjorvii in the second phase of beta.

🚨 Admins can color their text. If you think an admin isn't real, ask them to color their chat text. Current admins/mods can be found in the group.

⚠ If you have a serious problem, you MUST use the report feature in the bottom right corner of the screen. These go to our admins with a server ID. Someone will always eventually read your reports, so use this responsibly. 

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