💥 Current Disasters: 54

❓ Welcome to Don’t Press The Button 2! The power of the button is in your hands.
What does the button do? Play to find out!

✈️ UPDATE [8/23]
- ✈️ Airplane disaster! Watch it zoom!
- ⛷️ Disappearing platforms! Dodge the red ones and stay alive!
- 🌈 New Rainbow Carpet Gamepass!
- 🌟 New Admin Commands Gamepass!
- 📻 Updated Radio, use pre-set songs!
- ⚙️ New Grapple Hook & Jetpack

🌴 UPDATE [6/7]
- 🌴 Jungle Hunter disaster! Escape him 😨
- 💣 Big Bomb disaster! Watch out!
- 😄 Epic face disaster!
- ❓ Something big is on the way..?

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