Hoping to give bring something fresh when playing obbies. 
Be sure to have fun and when playing! 
Complete the obby and join our roblox group to be ranked as champion! 

You gain Admin Commands on your own VIP server if you buy it. 

This is just a simple obby made using EgoMoose's gravity controller script thingy. 

Sorry if the game is kinda buggy. This was one of my first games I ever tried to make seriously even though i didn't have any prior knowledge of developing. Only back to fix the camera thing cause some of my friends wanted to play it. 

Progress doesn't save so you gotta complete the obby in one go for the badge.

Tags: RTHRO ,  obby , oby , obstacle , course , rainbow , long , popular , super , really , easy , fun , funny , mega , free , colorful , colors , color , colour , colourful , colours , noob , lava , jumps , jump , jumping , disappear , dissapear , hard obby , disapear , impossible , stupid hard , very hard obby , dissapearing , stairs , hard 

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