Welcome to RO-Scale Sandbox! A game where you can build your very own miniature railroad and operate your own trains! There are a variety of trains to operate from around the world, from the obscure to the most famous trains! You can even play with friends by using the permissions system to give them permission to build and drive trains! 

There is so much you can do in RSS (RO-Scale Sandbox), such as DERAIL TRAINS, CAUSE HUGE WRECKS, OR MAKE CRAZY BUILDS! The only limit to this game is your own imagination! So be creative and have fun with what you create! We hope you enjoy playing RSS and we can’t wait to see you in game!

Important Tips:
- Don’t give permissions to people you don’t trust!
- Always remember to save!
- Turn off build collisions! (it will help when building)
- Someone says they are a staff member? (mod, admin, dev, owner, etc.) Real staff will have a tag next to their name displayed as: “[Admin] Bobby!”


There are currently no running experiences.