🌌Welcome to Escape The Night, a strategy based elimination game focused on building strong friendships as well as challenges of endurance, skill and wit. At the end of the week two guests are voted into a challenge to compete against each other, where the losing guest is eliminated via a fictional death until one ultimately wins and are sent back to the modern world. Can you be the last one standing and Escape The Night?

💾This game is still in Beta please share any reports or Issues to the group wall as this is greatly appreciated! 

Lead Scripters:
🔧ApollonXI | Game/Inventory/Shop
🔧Erukisha | Lobby/Game

🔨Davidiscool | Lobby trees, King of the Hill game, Disappearing Tiles game, Volcano Sweeper game, Gem Hunt game, Sword Fight game, Eliminated player area.
🔨Cixda | Lamp Escape game, Lamp Revival game, Castle Climb game, X Marks the Spot game.
🔨Yasune | Lounge, All Exhibits.
🔨N0TORlOUS_BIG | Cave Climb obby game.
🔨Rhylism | Lobby Design, Glass cases.


There are currently no running experiences.