⚙ Welcome to Darkenmoor, where time itself is broken and dark forces run amok. Will you survive?

⚙ Darkenmoor is a Horror, Round-Based, Maze-Runner, Juggernaut, Survival game. 7 Humans are trapped in the Darkenmoor Mansion with 1 powerful Monster and must run out the clock or kill the Monster. Will you survive?

📢 Halloween is Back! Some new wands have been added!

📢 This was probably our last update. We're gonna make a sequel to Darkenmoor but it's on hold until we finish our other project: Boid

 📙 Credits
 Antiboid: Monsters, Building, Animations, Art, Lore, A E S T H E T I C S 
Sethalonian: Scripting, UI, Gameplay, Music, Animations
Vertyq: Christmas Décor!
Kirbygreen4: Trailer

🎵 The music in this game was made by me, so it's youtube/twitch safe! 🎵 
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