After years of defeat, the evil organization ''Eneggma'' has finally had its first success. The Eneggma have acquired the Time Machinegg that was kept in safety by the top ranking agent Hopper Eggmington. In result, Frigid Arcadia, the home of the Egg Hunt festivals, center of spring and eggs, has frozen. It won't be long before this area is fully taken over by the corrupt Eneggma. You and other agents have been sent on this top-secret mission to save Frigid Arcadia, and once for all, resume time forever. The future of the Eggverse and many, many egg hunting traditions lies in your hands... Are you in?

This game is available on PC, Mac, Tablet, Mobile (Android and iOS), and console (Xbox)!

This game is available in the following languages: Spanish, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Swedish, Italian, Dutch, French, Filipino, Turkish, Latvian.


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