The Haunted Night Event has arrived! 🛸 
✔️New Map
❓❓❓Secret Ending❓❓❓
✔️Exclusive skins
✔️ Voice chat available to eligible users! 
✔️ New codes! @RomanSickness

Premium users are allowed ONE respawn per round! Purchase Roblox Premium in-game or on the website to gain access to this feature.
🚨 ALPHA 🚨 This game is in alpha. Some features may not work as intended. Specifically, the Bot gamemode may be buggy! 

- RomanSickness: Knife Skins, Bakon Rig, animations
- DailyDoseOfSimulator: Programming, UI, builds
- SupernaturalSpawn: New map builds (Chapter 7 and onwards)
- SoftGb: Game Icon & Thumbnail



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