The best FPS Pirate game is back as 🦜Pirate Fray!
Fight for 👑Treasure💎 and Glory🏆!

We are busy, so updates are slower. Here are our plans in this order:
- GamePad support for all platforms (including Xbox)
- Open World mode
- Weapon Skins

⚔️2 Game Modes:
  - Battle of Sea! 🚢Sail massive ships! Fire 💣cannons to blow up and destroy the enemy ship!
  - Capture the Treasure! Sneak around the jungle🌴! Steal the enemies treasure👑!

 🗡️3 Weapon Loadouts for a balanced PVP!
  - Buccaneer
  - Dragoon
  - Musketeer

🤿Find hidden underwater treasures in the Lobby💎

Join the group for future updates:


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