Be a Slime or a Snail and play around.
Win minigames to level up and win Achievements.

Thank you so much for playing this game!

This game is a sequel to Slime Achievement Adventure.
You can still play part 1 here:

Special thanks to:
Yar890 for making the main menu and scoreboard.
AloeMineralWater for making great art of this place.

Updates for the future
👍🏼 100 likes = New Slimes/Snails 
👍🏼 250 likes = New achievements/badges
 👍🏼 500 likes = New Slimes/Snails 
👍🏼 750 likes = New Slimes/Snails 
👍🏼 1000 likes = New Secret Badges 
👍🏼 2000 likes = New achievements/badges + Slimes/Snails 

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