guys, been 1 year since no update right? well im planning to add something to this hmm

Edit: remember that bug i was talking about, yea right, now its an option, its fixed but if you want to have that glitch again then just go to Menu in game then go to Settings and turn it on lol

all credit goes to sStillwater

hey hey, an update? well its just the teleport button and mute music button, because why not, you can now teleport to mah other stupid system game and this one too ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

what is this?
this is a testing of a mirror that reflects all movement on you and other props and NPC, this is used in Camping 2 or whatever the game is it lol

how does it work?
Well all you need to do is walk around, push stuff, mirror will do the same, this isn't the real mirror, this is just a viewport clone of yourself, so you can touch it and other stuff or idk

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