You wake up one morning in an Unknown place...What will you do?

Welcome to Holiday Chaos. Get ready for an Epic Adventure through the mysterious Islands of Robloxia!

Team up with your friends, Hunt for Food, Gather & Mine Resources and Build Shelters and protect yourselfs from the Scares at Night. Beware of the Wolves...

NOTE: The game is in Alpha Mode, meaning that the majority of content will be implemented in future versions! It also means that there will be many bugs and glitches, but please know that we are working hard to resolve them

People who play it during the Alpha mode will have a special tag after the game has been released! You would also get access to a rare place, that you will know by time!

Credits to the wonderful people who made this game a success. We all worked together and shared roles among ourselves to success.

Game Idea by a Great guy...Darksote, A guy who deserves it and will always be My best Friend

Version: 0.1 [ALPHA]


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