I WILL NO LONGER BE UPDATING THIS GAME. Nor will I EVER be giving out VIP. It is what it is, so stop asking. Thanks!

I never intended for this game to get the attention that it is getting, this game was created solely for my own purpose. I was only a little kid when I created it. With that being said, many of you guys know that this game DOES have free models in it

 Credits for models go to: iRenzx, leates, Octo_YT, valyssha, #######arloKey, and damko00. Without you guys, this wouldn't be possible! <3

TAGS: sunset, tree, lilac, sad, alone, mood, moods, emotions, emotion, feelings, happy, trees, grass, bridge, water, flowers, depression, lonely, friends, hangout, beautiful, beauty, pretty, nature, plants, picnic, bench, solitude

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