Welcome to FNAF Tycoon, choose your favorite Five Nights at Freddy's Character 🐻 and build your tycoon! 🔥

Purchase droppers 🏗️ that generate cash 💸, when you have enough cash you will be able to unlock different weapons ⚔️ of your chosen animatronic 🤖.

The game's objective is to unlock all weapons 🗡️ of the chosen character inside your tycoon 👑! Fight others to defend your tycoon and become the most powerful animatronic ✨ in the game! Make sure to invite or make friends 👥 along the way that can help you build your tycoon and fight others 👊!

Join Timeless Maze ⚔️ for a free sword ⚔️:!/about
In the group, you can also find our other tycoon games 🎮, and you can chat with the community 👪. Make sure to post about your game/update ideas 🤔 on our group wall!

Make sure to favorite ⭐ and thumbs up 👍 the game to show your support!


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