Do note we're far from done with this game, the genre is "Bullet Hell" / "Shoot em' up"
Early Alpha Has Arrived!

-V- General Controls -V-
- PC -
M = Music Toggle
P = Pause/unpause
Space Bar or Left Click = Fire
F or Right Click = Bomb
- Xbox -
RT = Fire
LT = Bomb
Analog stick = Move

Player Tips:
1. Your cockpit is the weak point of your ship

2. Every 500 pts recovers 1 Heart

3. Getting hit grants 0.5 seconds of invincibility

4. "Bomb" item, deals damage to all enemies and erases all enemy bullets off the screen. You can carry 1 at a time so use it wisely.

Do Note Our Company is planning to have Zero Pay to Win Aspects. Everything will be able to be earned once game is done that is our pledge.

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