I made this for fun in about a day.

This will search through groups to find ones that are unowned. You can put in certain keywords that you want to filter out what you don't want.


Update 9/8/2020: Added in minimum id gamepass so you can look at certain id ranges if you so desire.

Update 7/20/2020: CHAT!! I introduced a chat feature in game so you may talk with others.

Update 7/8/2020: Because the previous interface I made in like 10 minutes was ugly, I revamped it to make it look a bit better.

Update 6/17/2020: Due to popular demand, I have added in an alert sound setting. The sound will go off whenever you find a group and you can swap out the default sound with a sound id of your own. I have also fixed a glitch where the MaxId wasn't saving.


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