[Version 1.2]
NOTE: This game wont be updated anymore, so we've decided to let you enjoy Autoclub with an additional $1.5 Million -we'll be coming out with a new Autoclub Sport around Q3 of next year. Also, Gamepasses & In-game Currency are half price, Merry Christmas!

Autoclub Sport is a social & racing-focused game, the successor to Autoclub Sport Alpha, rebuilt from the ground up to bring you a completely new game -so let the racing spirit live on!

We're always taking your suggestions and implementing your ideas into & around the game, so don't be afraid to speak up!

Explore the streets of Japan, mountain roads, towns and beautiful coasts, or take part in global races to earn money and upgrade your car's performance! There's a ton of things to do, and we're only expanding from here! We have a lot planned in future so stay tuned for updates, and join our server to keep up with the latest news!

Game released: 1/30/2020


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