PREMIUM Roblox players now get credits and scrap every 5 min.

Warzone under construction: a new high player count map to have battles and meetings. In a very basic form now, new features coming online daily.

This game is alpha, THERE WILL BE BUGS (sorry).

Shift to run, R to reload, Jump+ F (B button) for jetpack, V (Y button) to spawn/despawn your last speeder, RB/LB for quick tool select, R3 for unequip tool.

Hunt for bounties in the outer rim. Take bounties to earn rewards and build your character. Work alone or as a team but watch your back, once a bounty is frozen they can be stolen.

Dev: Boztek.
Contributors: DrCheddarCheese (models) MortalSagas (models) ArohaHoney (Flying ship screenshot)  Veldaren (devesting, models, auto ranker)


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