Built in a now deserted canyon, which once flowed with a great river.  The river was known as the Impetum Flumen, or, in English, Valiant River.  To replace the dried up river, Fort Impetum was built.  Feeding off of the river's former strength that dug this deep canyon, VAL will fight off invaders and preserve the peace, the prosperity, the liberty, and the freedom for itself, and attempt to inspire the rest of ROBLOXia to follow in their path, and to be forever better.   {--~Rules~--} 1. No empty server raiding. 2. No visitor raiding.  3. You must contact the three highest VAL ranks online of the raid, including the link to the fort, prior to your arrival. 4. No excessive flaming.  Anything beyond 'Noob' is considered excessive.  5. No hacking/exploiting/anything else of the sort.  ||  The Valiant Assault Legion reserves the right to use admin commands to enforce these rules and all rules that are understood with the use of common sense.


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