🔥 Welcome to Spellblade Legends! 🔥

🔥 Attack with your Spellblade to gain magic
🧙 Upgrade your Spellblade and Aura to get stronger
βš”οΈ Fight mobs and bosses to level up
🐶 Obtain pets from eggs to progress faster
🏆 Strive to be the strongest!

🎁 NEW Codes "300K" "400K" "UPDATEFOUR"
💎 World 3
🗡️ 28 Spellblade Tiers
🔥 28 Aura Tiers
🥇 9 New Ranks

1 - Equip Spellblade
LMB - Attack
F - Dash

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Bought gamepasses in Spellblade Simulator 1? You can use them here too!
⚠️ Please report bugs on our group wall or in our communications server! ⚠️

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