💐 GIFT FLOWERS to your secret admirors! Make it your own with a personal note, and maybe even some Coins! 
🎈 HEART BALLOONS! Hold up to 5 balloons; pick them up at the Balloon Stand or in the Shop for FREE!
💰 LIMITED TIME COIN SALE! Get 20% MORE Coins whenever you buy any Coins!

🔔 Use the code "LOVEINTHEAIR" for a FREE 150 Coins!

Welcome to Roblox's premier high school roleplay experience! 
Explore the school, attend interactive classes or even socialize with your friends! But why stop there?

Robloxian Highschool isn't just your ordinary school, take a dive with hang-gliders, or show of your break-dancing skills at our nightclub 'Club Manta' or even customize your avatar with over 9000 items to choose from in our Avatar Editor! The game is yours! 

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