🚨 NEW CODE AT 275K LIKES! 👍 Use code "like_super_golf " for a Skin Chest!

⛳ Welcome to Super Golf! Play against others on a variety of exciting courses, unlock cool rewards, customize your ball, and compete to be the best player!

🔨 Use the Map Builder to create your very own golf courses and play them with your friends!

⭐️ How To Play:
- Press the PLAY button!
- Shoot the ball into the hole!
- The player with the least amount of strokes wins!
- Vote for your favorite Map and Gamemode after the game ends!

🎮 Controls:
- Desktop: Click and drag to charge up! Release to shoot!
- Mobile: Adjust power with slider! Tap button to shoot! 
- XBOX: Press A and use the Joystick to charge up! Press A again to shoot!
- Playstation: Press X and use the Joystick to charge up! Press X again to shoot!

🏆 2020 Mobile Game of the Year!
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