Note: this game is still in ALPHA.

Survive the endless waves of zombie hordes in this cooperative shooter. Earn points by killing zombies and repairing barricades, get better weapons, and open up new areas before the deadly zombies overrun you.

Spiritual successor to my old zombies game. Inspired by Call of Duty Zombies.

Interact - [F]
Aim Down Sights - [Q] / [Right Mouse Button]
Reload - [R]
Knife - [V]
Change Weapons - [1] , [2] , [3]
Sprint (Hold) - [Left Shift]

I'm still working on it, so expect bugs and more bugs to come. 
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- Added a leveling system
- Testing weapon camos
- Bunch of bug fixes
- New Mystery Box Weapon: AWP (16/22)

My Todo List:
- Leveling, camos, armory and lootboxes
- Pack a Punch
- More mystery box guns

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