Update 29/05/16: Hey, I'm here because of reasons. I figured I'd fix up the place for you. Amazingly, you guys care about this game even more than I do. The smallest favour I can do is keep it up and functional. Thanks, <3 you guys.

Hi guys. Kill The Clones is now officially open source. A lot of the code is old and messy, but oh well, I'm not going to bother fixing it at this point. Hope you've enjoyed KTC over the years. Thank you for your support. It's been fun. 

Kill The Clones is a fast paced fighting game filled with lots of action. But, instead of being forced to kill fellow players, you fight alongside them to kill the evil clones, who mostly just want to kill you. There are a variety of different clones to fight and a variety of maps to fight in. Killing clones rewards you with points, which you can spend in the shop and get some useful upgrades like new swords, more health, faster walking speed, and much more to enrich the gameplay.

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