⭐ Update Log (10/16/23) ⭐
🕷️ Lots of bug fixes, with more to come very soon!
🕷️ Chatting does not break movement input for touch devices!
🕷️ Play button works as intended!
🕷️ Potion ingredients now spawn in the potion shop again!
🕷️ Purchases from the premium shop now work as intended.
🕷️ Ghost Morph Potions now work correctly.
🕷️ Crabson dialog fixes.
🕷️ Spa masks can be removed with the towel in the spa.
🕷️ Pet follow animations should be more stable.

🌊 Welcome to Mermaid Life! 🌊

Live in the underwater kingdom and experience the life of being a mermaid where fashion is exciting and magic exists. Learn your way around the everyday routines and go to school or work in the café. Earn sand dollars, meet mermaid friends, brew potions, and explore the wondrous water world in style.



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