The City of Valens, located on the Hadrian River, was built upon the rubble and ash left behind from the dark ages of the nation. Today, it serves as a major front for RUSF.

[Not accepting raids at the moment, feel free to look around.]
IMPORTANT: All raids MUST be organized 30 minutes prior. 
If you receive no response, it is best to assume the message has not yet been seen. 
		Spawn killing is not allowed. 
		Flinging and/or Glitching is not allowed. 
		Exploiting will result in an instant ban. 
		Going on the mountains is prohibited. 
		A minimum of 8 RUSF are needed for an official raid. 
		There is a one hour raid limit. 
		Minimal flaming is allowed. 
		Serverhops will not be responded to unless there is a valid reason.
[RAID SYSTEM]: 20 minute terminal; rollback. 
CREDITS: PixieLover, MasterParadox, DestinyUnbound


There are currently no running experiences.