NOTE: This game is discontinued due to Roblox updates constantly breaking it.
It is now being made in the Unity engine as a standalone game. Please watch this:

Vibrant Venture is a 2D platformer adventure game. Explore the world, complete levels and collect challenge coins!

- Fixed bugs

- Made the first 2 levels of World 2 available for early-access (will be free to play when World 2 is finished)
- Added more characters
- Added a dedicated button for slide kicking
- Tweaked difficulty slightly for level 2 and 3
- Fixed bugs
- Removed Gwump

This is an early version of a 2D adventure game previously codenamed Project Autumn. Supports Computer and Console.
If you wish to support the game's development, you can buy a donation Game Pass which also unlocks a special character!

Huge thanks to Nick682, Partcline, Jurloo, Masteralan, Polyhex, As8D, HolidayPwner and Phoqus for their help in creating this game <3


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