- ADDED FOOTPRINTS - earn them by walking/driving around the map and exploring places. They will be very useful in the future. 
- Plant, grow, and harvest potatoes + new interaction GUI! 

Stranded. Forgotten in the martian dust. During a tremendous martian storm, you were left behind on Mars. Presumed dead by your crewmates, you were left injured on a barren planet with minimal supplies. Your only hope is to re-establish communication and find a way to survive. Will you be courageous and resilient enough to survive one of the most destructive climates known to man? 

WARNING: Demanding game. Level 10 (maxed) is recommended, however, your FPS may be low depending on your computer. 

Main areas to explore:

- Habitat and its interior (At spawn)
- Driveable rover (At spawn)
- Crew Dragon 
- Ascent Vehicle 
- Cave in the mountain 

Inspired by The Martian 
My successful EBR entry


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