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Hold Shift to sprint

This Update will make the gameplay a whole lot smoother on lower end devices!

🚨UPDATE 3.5 🚨
⚙Low Quality Mode Fix
⚙NEW Disable Player Setting
⚙NEW Disable Chat Sound Setting
⚙NEW Disable Your Pets Setting

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➡️Creator: @GazaPlays 
➡️Scripter: @DavidGingerich 
➡️Scripter: @HttpPeter0
➡️Builder: @blaze_counter 
➡️Modeler: @Nomekian @blaze_counter 
➡️Music: @TheFlamingPike 
➡️Logo and GUI: @GazaPlays 
➡️Thumbnails & Icon Images: @GazaPlays @Tel3x

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