⚔️ Welcome to The World of Ancient Chinese Fairytales And The Great Battle of Yin & Yang Martial Clan!

⚡️ It's All OP!!! No Safe Zone! No Trolling And Run to Hide in Safe Zone! But There're Plenty of Secret Hiding Spots Instead!

👊🏻 The Strong Rules ALL! It's The Law of Jungle! An Absolute Power! 
🔥 Start As A Normal Human, Hide & Train Hard! Join Clan & Fight!
🥋 Earn Titles of Mastery! And Become A Famous Powerful Figure! Or Conceal Your Strength And Train Quietly Like A Grand Master!
☄️ Learn New Powerful Moves & Skills!
🔰 Acquire Mythical Tier Weapons!
💪🏻 The Only Safe Zone Here Is Strength! 
🐲 Team Up with Your Clan and Battle Your Foes!
👑 Become The Strongest Ninja Your Clan Ever Known!
📙 UPDATE LOG {V 2.99} 📙
- 💥 New Swords! Shurikens! Classes! Ascensions! Auras!
- 🦋 Wings Upgrade! IT'S ALL OP!!!
- ✨ Improved All Auras!
- 🍉 Lower All Upgrades Cost!
- 🔨 Fixed Many Bugs & Added Minor Improvements!


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