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U-Decide Matcha Milk Tea:

📍 About Us
U-Decide is the most interactive boba cafe simulator on ROBLOX! With an endless possibility of custom drinks, U-Decide what you want and we can make it.  Whether it is an empty cup filled with boba, 13 scoops of ice cream, or an empty flappy box, we guarantee customer satisfaction!

Thank you for choosing U-Decide Cafe, we truly hope you enjoy your stay!

🛠️ Built & Modeled by turvtle
🛠️ Programmed & Modeled by wow13524


- Boba drinks 🍵
- Pastries 🍩
- Pets 🐾
- Inventory System 🎒
- Daily Rewards 🥡


🎮 Group
U-Decide Cafe:
Apply for a job inside the cafe.

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This experience does not support Private Servers.


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