Rewards are becoming now a thing for ranked matches
1st Seasonal Reward Reset is in effect, will be improved
Tournaments now give you zeni reward for winning a match
- [ UPDATE LOG ] -
Your character ragdolls on Death
Stat Point Re-allocation
Shenron Slot Wish fixed
Shenron Zeni Wish increased
Melee clashes from close-range/chase rushes work better intended
Dragon Rush Cancel hit glitch fixed
Blocking improved
Successful block priority improved
Snap Vanish cooldown added after heavy attacks
Combo string resets when Rush Attack is used
Beam Attack invincibility moved to after Beam Fire
Movement after Evasive fixed from Beam Hit
Shine Shot Nerfed
Grapples Nerfed
Sword hitbox Nerfed
Bio-Android Regeneration Speed Nerfed

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