Due to demand, I have rolled-back the Version History to the original School Detective game that became popular in early 2012. I decided to restore version November 4, 2012 [6:12 AM] since it predates the lighting update that made everything look gloomy and dark.

This game will no longer be updated since I am an inactive user of Roblox. However please enjoy the nostalgia! 

Your school is suddenly plagued by mysteries and it's up to you to unravel them! Explore the school complex that may defy laws of physics or even bend space and time, while collecting 1-digit codes throughout your journey. The truth will be revealed once all the codes have been collected and unscrambled. 

+ click on speech bubbles to interact with NPCs.
+ hold SHIFT to sprint (for PC users).
+ use pen & paper to record the codes you collect along the way!


There are currently no running experiences.