Welcome to Tree Planting Simulator! 🌲

🌱  Plant unique trees, collect seeds that drop from them, and sell the seeds to buy items to plant better trees even faster!

💸 This game raised thousands of dollars for the Arbor Day Foundation as part of the #TeamTrees campaign! Thank you so much for helping to make a difference!

🌳 LazarBeam Tree, Bag and Treebirth Tool! 
 🏬 LazarBeam Shop at TreeBirth Heights!
 🛒 Timed Boosts and 2 New Gamepasses!

Follow on Twitter for updates and codes!
🌳 Creators: @SabrinaBrite & @DJMonopoli from @TeraBriteGames
🌳 Scripters: @yunmuffins, @Olicai
🌳 3D Artist: @RustPart
🌳 Animator: @Dyzcroll
🌳 Music: @BSlickComposer
🌳 Logo, GUI: @415codite
🌳 Thumbnails & Icon: @ThaDumbG00se


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