This game is very laggy due to the amount of detail people have put in the rooms!

• Welcome to the Capsule Tower!

• The story is that you just moved out of your parents house to live in Tokyo and just moved into the new apartment complex of capsule like apartments. 

• This building a recreation of the real life capsule apartment in Japan check them out!

• Rooms featured were created by: Vexitlity, Evryalin, inkwaves, Nolffny, Charbelim, gesaff, Sr_Antlers, 71CD, AerialsAbove, Macawmangrovve12, krypt1_x, DonutsAreImportant, twiinklery, Aminator1205, livvyonj, icentianda, Deixide, DiscreetFreddy19, SteamPulse, Sajiri, Bomb_002, Iifeform, Hudy63, zu3v_, Bloxkiller210, jeikun, Muthshizuki, MrVuob, Epicdjgameking, hetaliati, Wesonian, Inuester, Anubis, UnableAllix, ethanfried20, Shinyju, Ogi, Aticlix

• I want to thank every single person who submitted a room for this community showcase build make sure to check out everyone's room!


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