⚠️ I'm testing new bee equip mechanics in the test realm. To test them out, pick up the Beequip Case, then search for Beequips. These items can be equipped to bees by dragging them from your case to a hive slot. There is also a Beequip Storage box where excess Beequips are stored. All values, stats, ways of obtaining them, and effects are subject to change in the main game.

[ ⚠️ Shutdowns happen frequently and without warning! ] 

Code "Beequip": 1000 Tickets, 1 Mythic Egg, 3 Beequip Case Slots (you won't see a notification for the beequip case slots but they do work)

Codes: "2Gifts" (2 presents), "Reindeer" (Reindeer Puppy Antlers), "SproutParty" (50 magic beans)

Code "cookiemonster" gives 10m treats

⚠️ Onett's Testing Group is not currently accepting new members.

⚠️ This place will close depending on when I need to test for updates. Every once in a while I reset all stats to start a new round of testing. Keep this in mind before playing - this is TEMPORARY!

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