Testing bee movement and animation system rework. This should greatly improve server-side performance and reduce server lag when many bees are active. Max hive slots set to 75 for stress testing (won't be increased in the main game).

Promocode "JellyBeans": 200 Jelly Beans, 100 Cloud Vials
Promocode "Nectar": 1 Nectar Tester and more
Promocode "DiceStuff": 30 Loaded Dice, Black Balloons, and Super Smoothies

[ ⚠️ Shutdowns happen frequently and without warning! ] 

⚠️ Onett's Testing Group is not currently accepting new members.

⚠️ This place will close depending on when I need to test for updates. Every once in a while I reset all stats to start a new round of testing. Keep this in mind before playing - this is TEMPORARY!


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