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✈️ Tupolev Tu-114: 77% ratings OR 41,000 likes. If you don't like the game, please let us know why!
💥 New maps + Realistic crash physics: 35M visits
✈️ Airbus A340: 78% ratings
🌲 Forest landings: 150K favorites

Will you survive an emergency landing?

Water landings, engine failures, mid-air collisions, cabin depressurization, fires, plane crashes, hydraulic issues, runway incidents, and much more! There are more than a dozen airplane variants and over 200 different combining emergencies!

Earn Eaglets by surviving plane crashes, finding the black boxes, redeeming codes, and much more! Spend your Eaglets on tons of permanent fun perks which work on PC/mobile/tablet/console.

Have fun!


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