Welcome to Hallows Eve 2019! A Roverse Community event that has three main activities that games you rewards for Roverse. Hallows Eve is set around the Void, the darkest and most haunted dimension that only the strongest dare to thread within. 

New Events 
- New Alpha Dogfight Map - Core of Nothing.
- New Quest.
- Lights End Re-Mastered.

These activities can reward you special ships and rewards to use in Alpha Dogfight and beyond! 

Hallows Eve 2019 Team.

ManikuCalex - Builder and Co-ordinator.
IdyllicDestroyer - Roverse Developer and Scripter.
Engerishe - Scripter. 
EmperorDyrith - Story and Lore Director.
Vaktus - Roverse Community Leader, Overseer and Funder of the event.


There are currently no running experiences.