this game has really very loud audio, you can disable screen shaking with the setting button on the right of the screen and unticking win effect

having badges before the wipe will let you claim the hat with the required stats

2 new sounds to djman
added a new book to level 4
removed orange lightings
all suits from dabs and halloween event is now offsale until an unknown time rip dont say u didnt have enough time i forgot the event ended on 12th not 14th
vegetales sound got deleted replaced with something else
added 3 new sounds to djman, 2 new books to the bookclub & 2 new tools at level 3
fixed bingo sheet with zeroes after throwing card away
extra bingo sheet gamepass
myhopewillneverdie & blonderedhead has been deleted and replaced with mrbluesky & sad violin audio
added 2 new sounds with pictures, one will teach you about nan0machines and the other about paimon, and a new tool
added anniversary present ($101 and tickets)

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