Before you dislike this game because of its original, try it out I assure you it is great! This game is based off the original ROBLOX games back in the day, like ROBLOX HQ for example. Basically you go around destroying as much as you can before 10 minutes when it resets. This is a stress reliever, just game you can sit down and you can play.

- Added more roads and sidewalks
- Added dirt paths
- More houses
-Follow me on my twitter @TwistedHats
-Updated highways
- Instead of Back for More, it is reloaded (reference from the Matrix)

Soon to come-
-I noticed the music problem whenever someone dies it restarts for everyone this will be fixed soon
-I just want to thank everyone who liked and favorited my game it really means a lot to me

Stay tuned for my tycoon, TeeVee Tycoon, to be released when I finish it. Also comment what you think I should fix, add, e.t.c.

Song name - リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピュー = Computing of Lisa Frank 420 / contemporary


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