Welcome to Box Mania a game where you can ride with your friends or ride solo. With 100+ boxes to choose from and a plethora of tracks to ride on; this is the ultimate box game.

-AC boxes and Fortnite boxes have been released! Available for purchase via wins in the starting plaza!
-Nearly all gamepass boxes can be earned for free! Simply redeem wins at the Winners Plaza!

Tips & Tricks!
-All wins that you earn are there for forever! This means no matter what door or box you purchase your wins WILL NOT be taken away!
-Aero Boxes are this weeks Box of The Week! Zoom down an invisible path high in the sky!

For updates on development and a free VIP room, join Argon!!/about

 Lua_Basics/Bombardir - Programming 📝
 Bombardir /Ven_a - Building 🛠️
@rippergfx/Andite/xandsgfx/Bombardir - GFX 🎨

Box Mania by Argon Studios
Genres: Adventure, Roleplay, SCI-FI, Thriller

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