🐘 Welcome to Crushing Simulator! 🐘

⚑ Get more powerful by crushing objects and gathering strength. 
💪🏻 Use your strength and objects to battle other players. 
💰 Sell your strength for coins and upgrade your character in the shop. 
📈 Climb the ranks and try to become the biggest crusher on the leaderboard!

🎃Halloween Update 🎃
- 7 new objects
- 3 new mutations
- 2 new evolutions/auras
- Halloween themed map (Knock on the door to the haunted house for a surprise)
- Smash pumpkins with your stomp tool for coins!
- Candy corn rain: click on the candy bowl at the spawn to make it rain candy corn which gives coins!

Join the group IntDew (!/about) for in-game rewards:
💰 20% Extra Coins
⚑ Chat Tag
👑 Name Tag 

👍 Give the game a like for more updates!

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