Votekicking is gone

Added more bugs and a few badges

Server size is now 32 for the chaos, and the game is less laggy cause I removed like half the parts in all the maps, hopefully that should be good

Also fixed meteors and possibly stuff being frozen for like 2 minutes when stuff gets exploded

Made it so rain doesn't slow you down as much, removed rain (and lightning) from pvp maps, and made it so standing near to a wall will cancel out the rain effect, so you no longer have to make a proper roof. Slightly decreased lightning rate.


Welcome to Flooded Area!: Survive the water that continuously rises and buffs over time along with other players by building boats, defying physics, and discovering new blocks! And before you ask, it's allowed if you don't get votekicked for it. Changelogs: (outdated a little, so I just put everything in the normal description)


There are currently no running experiences.