💨 Double-tap your jump button to Double Jump!

- NEW 'Blazing Vortex Island' with 48 New Swords, 3 New Ranks, New Belts & New Skills!
- NEW 'Blazing Vortex Pack' containing the most OP Pets on Roblox!
- NEW 'Infinity Void' Pet Crystal! Find it on the new Island!
- ZEN MASTER! The Zen Master has come to trade with your extra Gems! Find him on Dragon Legend Island!
- NEW FORTUNE WHEEL! Spin the wheel daily to receive epic rewards!
- PREMIUM BENEFITS! Check the new premium menu in-game!
- NEW 'Blazing Entity' Element! Unlock it at the Altar of Elements!
- NEW 'VORTEX-ELITE' pet evolution! Combine 25 'Shadowstorm' Pets to create a 'VORTEX-ELITE'!
- NEW Shurikens!
- Pet evolutions need less Pets to evolve!

✨ Premium Benefits: x2 Training Area Boost, +1 Daily Fortune Spins, x2 Chest Rewards, +1 Pet Slot

🎁 Join Scriptbloxian Studios to unlock the group chest & +1 Daily Spins!


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