Ricochet is a 2D side-scroll shooter video game based on your ability to calculate the angle at which rays ricochet around corners to defeat your opponents. You must user your environment to your advantage and be able to preserve your shields correctly.

W : jump
A : left
S : crouch
D : right
double-tap A/D : dash left/right
Left-Click : Shoot
Right-Click : Shield

Health bars and shields now work! Item boxes, coins, and rubies spawn in, but currently don't have any function and don't fall off of other effect blocks. Spikes don't work on health bars.

Based on the concept by DoctorFunkenstein.
Building : DoctorFunkenstein
Programming : DevSean, DoctorFunkenstein
Soundtrack (Coming soon) : Doctor Funkenstein
Sounds (Coming soon) : DoctorFunkenstein
Animations : DevSean

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