If you are Premium, it will be wrote on your head and you will receive Premium payouts of 10 Lubux every 15 minutes.

Big games is a big game (and globally a recreation of Roblox) with recreations of big Roblox games.

Play parkours like the obby 1 or some for Christmas or try escaping from the youtuber Furious jumper.
Try out to finish all the tycoons in the tycoons of elements, but you can play the simulator 1 if you prefer, where you will have to fill glasses.

If you like battles, you should go to Clash Robloxal, but there is others games where you can try to get better than the others, like Deathrun, Murder Mystery, The button, Speed run, and Minigames.

There is a recreation of known games such as Mario and Geometry Dash. You'll find a maze too, the secret temple.

There is many secrets hidden in all of these games, and events and frequent updates.
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