Never think you can bypass ban by creating alt's.
99% of your associated accounts will also be banned from the game once you get caught exploiting by mods/anti-cheat. Therefore think deeply before running exploit tools.

Quick rules: You are allowed to do anything except exploit or any of these actions which results in player decrease such as lagging or crashing server

Please keep in mind that this is my first creation

-Become a Beta tester!
[Join a new server after buying a gamepass]

[in-game rules]
Permanent Ban (Won't be unbanned)
: Exploiting

1 ~ 3 days ban
: Walking on air  --We cannot confirm whether it's no-clip exploiting or not
: Actions suspected to be exploit

: Trolling server
: Inappropriate music, buildings (Removal of f3x import tool)
: Permanent ForceField glitch

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