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The Great Western Railway was one of the most popular railway companies in Great Britain before nationalization and one of the most thriving, with recognizable designs of tank- and mixed-traffic engines alike. My aim is to try create a few famous designs, in particular the loco's from engineers Collet and Churchward, whose skills both became famous all around the world. 

Engines/Rolling stock done: 
- 4900 Hall class
- 3500 Gallon Tender
- 4000 Gallon Tender

Work in Progress: 
- Pannier tank (Based on No. 7714) 
- 4073 Caerphilly Castle 
- 4000 Star class

Engines planned: 
- 1400 class
- 29####a#####lass
- 6800 Grange class*
- 6000 King class* 

Rolling stock planned:
- Traveling Post Office

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