Re-imagining/Remake of VetexGame's Fairy Tail : Online Fighting [2014]. Thanks to vetex for being cool with this project and letting me use models from his original game, and thanks to my friends for helping with the development of this project.

T = Super Jump
Double tap W = Dash
Low VFX mode in settings

Guilds: Join them in game

Commands(Type them): !partycreate, !partyinvite [username], !partykick [username], !partyleave, !join [username]

White = Common, Orange = Uncommon, Green = Rare, Red = Legendary, Mythic = Purple, Peerless = Blue

Wizard Saints: The Wizard Saints are the 10 strongest recognized people in the game. To become one of the Wizard Saints, you must climb your way up by winning GMG battles

Current Magics: 39

Level cap: 5,000
(prestige every 50 levels starting at 4,000)
2nd magic is free starting at 2nd prestige
3rd magic is free starting at 6th prestige
Every prestige you gain +25 spins,  +10% exp gain, +10% Max HP, +20% Energy, +5% Damage


There are currently no running experiences.